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Everything Golden Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – Everything Golden Lyrics

[Produced by Zaytoven]


I called my old bitch and asked her can I come over
She said it's past 12 Glizzy ain't shit open
Seen me on TV now she say she just joking
Bitch go get my CD I ain't jumping in the ocean
I ain't jumping your in your ocean
Bitch go get my CD I ain't jumping in your ocean
Everything golden
She can't take the ride if she do not have the token

[Verse 1]
OK i'm hopping out that Rover
Glizzy Glizzy bitch I spent 100K on gold (Glizzy Glizzy bitch)
Its time I let these bitches know
First time I got some head I was eleven years old
She know i'm puffing on that og
Bought that bitch around trip
She talking like she know me (Bitch you don't know me)
Boy your diamonds got her slowly
Bet she wouldn't say no if she see you with a rollie
And all my old hoes fuck with lames
They mad cos I won't fuck em dirty ho just want a name
And I never been to the range
But if a nigga try me ama bust like Jesse James
Bang bang bang


[Verse 2]
You see my kicks they golden just bought a whip its golden
Got a bitch from Oakland she say this dick is golden
She like her bottles golden she don't drink no Moët
She wear that Bond No.9
But man I swear that shit is potent
These bitches so extra, they be flexing
Always playing big till they see you with the next bitch
Got a bitch from Texas she so sexy
We be sipping mud and she say this dick is excellent
I remember one night I was stranded
Tried to hit my old bitch and that dumb bitch didn't answer
So one night she was flipping through her channels
She see me on TV I no longer have my Samsung, bitch!


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