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Swish Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – Swish Lyrics

She just wanna fuck,I just wanna ball
I just wanna ball,I just wanna ball (2x)

Verse 1:
Nigga fuck lyrics my flow is Retarded
Loud stinking up the place like a nigga farted
Got them red dots like a nigga work at target
Bitches like my beard like a nigga James harden
Oh my gosh im ballin,oh my god girl he ballin
Glizzy gang run the city, these niggas jogging
Fresh diesel jeans couple band in my pocket
I see aliens bitch flyer than a rocket
Your bitch is a stalker and she don't want a dollar
She just wanna fuck me so she can get popular
Grad her by her collar make that girl Holla
I bounce a beat in that pussy.....I'm a balla


Verse 2:

Go to the club and pop bottles and I don't even drink
I tell my dogs watch around me and they don't even blink
Don't ask my do I want some head,bitch what you think
I told her I'm the shit she say you don't even stink
Pop a bottle, pop a model,pop a bottle, pop a model
Give her a Molly she gone swallow she might fuck me for a follow
I'm that nigga,yeah
Young nigga named glizzy
I get in that pussy and make that bitch pop a wheelly
Room room
Nigga I'm a gangsta you a goon
Bloom bloom bloom bloom
Nigga I will send you to the moon
This shit just don't sound cool it is cool
She say I wanna go down boo, bitch I make the rules


Verse 3:
Yeah that pussy good girl that shit a distraction
I hit it from the back you should see that ho reaction
She tell me slow down,I tell her keep clappin I'mma keep going to I get my satisfaction
We some double G nigga
Double G and bitches
Bad bitches, these niggas only fuck strippers
That's easy all you need is ones and some swishers
I'm gready, she better have another bitch with her
I swear to god all I where is labels
If they ain't 500 or better they just play shoes
All my bitches wet like they was born in April
And I like them on demand like cable


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