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Where Was You At? Lyrics

Sauce Walka – Where Was You At? Lyrics

We finna' end all the questions with this shit
They gon understand after this C. D

I'm rich and I'm free at the same time
Comin' where I'm from that's a???
You can hand me all my bitches, I'm in Miami, all in water
Gettin sandy out with Jao Ming, but my other bitch a Cammy
Just a bust millions on these niggas understand me
Bitches sendin' 10s when they see me like I'm Sammy
I been down for years but a nigga had to manage
I just kept it serious when them other niggas panicked
Godammit! Now I'm in a Maybach roof, panoramic
Feet slanted, sippin' on syrup while the Screw tape jammin
Trunk slammin, choppa so hot that a nigga had to fan it
Ima handlin, Yea I keep sprayco's like I keep cabbage
Savage, Yea bitch you know I'm savage
Lavish, diamonds on me so lavish
All these Tina's be Ike'n my Turners
I don't go out the house wit' no burner
I don't sleep in no house wit' no burner
I don't chill on no couch wit' no burner
All my lil niggas smart cause they learners
I just teach niggas hearts to be earners
I just teach niggas art's to be????
Ya'll failin' ya'll soldiers on purpose
You ain't a big homie, you worthless
You ain't even be scratchin' the surface
So how you gon' help me to surface?
I earned all my stripes cause I'm worth shit
I earned all my stripes cause I murk shit
Lay some hands to the dirt shit
Yea, you did some fightin, you ain't squirtin shit
Yea, you threw some punches, you ain't hurtin' shit
Boy, Yo O. G. Pants ain't worth shit

I'm only speakin' facts nigga
You old and you wack nigga
You ain't never give us packs nigga
You ain't never give us straps nigga
We was in the field
Puttin' pressure on the other side, runnin laps, nigga
We was pushin' shit back, nigga
Where the fuck was you at, nigga?
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