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Soakers Lyrics

Sauce Walka – Soakers Lyrics

I sleep with a baby chopper like a durag
And I keep them shottas on the scene like a news cast
Walk up in the club with a whole 50 piece
I ain't talkin' bout racks, it's a clip on me
Shoot a nigga in front of his sister playin' jump rope
We adding bodies to the city there ain't no hope
Niggas talk on instagram, but don't want smoke
My bloods all grimey and cut throat
Hit a nigga out the window with a telescope
Catchin' bodies for respect fuck sellin' dope
That mac 11 gettin' high like a water heater
That's why I rather keep a Glock cause it fire easy
It's more death from than gun fire than diabetes
That's why I keep a soaker and a codeine margarita
How you talk the hottest shit and you ain't got a heater
Boy you used to get beat up by the school bleachers
I'm the nigga that was skippin' and tryna' fuck the teacher
Hit your street I'm splashin' shit like paint ball
Fuck the nigga up, couldn't sell a eight ball
Pussy ass niggas out here, I hate y'all
Act tough in these streets
Go to the pen and get raped dawg
Get your commissary
Don't one of you lil niggas wanna see me in a face off

Super soaker shit
Know I gotta keep the super soaker with me
Super soaker with me
Splash splash on a pussy and you know I hit em
Splas pussy and you know I hit em
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