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Wack 2 Wack Lyrics

Sauce Walka – Wack 2 Wack Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Aw man, this cracker tryna call the drip a dance
He tryna steal the flavor but he can't
This nigga got a pussy in his pants
I don't want to hear I'm picking on this nigga again
I knew the first day we met that we could never be friends
Cause you a motherfucking bitch, you a clown ass actor
The type to be on Bad Girls Club and Supernatural
Casting call ass nigga your whole life is fake
Your name Aubrey in the six, they ain't call you Drake
You been wanting to be a rapper but that shit was wack
Dropped some songs that didn't work so you had to act
Nickelodeon ass nigga, coachin' ass nigga
You ain't black, you a fucking Cambodian ass nigga
Degrassi got cut and put your life on hold
So you came to H Town to start riding that pole
Old geek ass nigga like "What is that, syrup?"
At Treasures spending your money on these bitches, little perv
And I ain't talking bout dancers, you was paying for pussy
I was pimping so I knew about that shit, little rookie
Started living in the city, seeing how we livin'
Seeing how the flavor is, seeing how we spillin'
Thinking I'm in H town, what a good feeling
Yeah it's cool to show love but it's different when you're stealing
Yeah bitch nigga, you wanna be be like the Twins
Drip sauce on stage and splash on your friends
Be born in the H and break a bitch for ends
But you was too busy fucking Jhonni Blaze bare skin
Uhhh, but he got that hot dick
Tried to keep it secret but Lil Blaze had them hot lips
We know you ain't a gangster so we gon leave out them chopsticks
Boy you so weak, I could kill you with a drop kick
Go Muhammad Ali on 'em
What kinda man let another man pee on him?
You kissed Madonna after everybody peed on her
I tried to let it go but now I gotta squeeze on 'em

You got rich off stealing flavor, boy
You wack to wack
Wack, wack to wack
You got rich off stealing flavor, boy
You wack to wack
Wack, wack to wack

[Verse 2]
Damn, creators turned impersonators
You got a whole ghost writer handing you the paper
What happened to the rap game built off of greatness
Now-a-days this shit built off of fakeness
Since when is it cool to use steroids
Ain' that the same reason they shook Lance Armstrong
Ain't that the reason Barry Bonds' hall of fame gone
And y'all tryna say that this nigga's a rap god
Nah lil bitch, you a rap fraud
You used to draw Digimons and Pokemons
And draw lil dicks on the paper, you super bad
Nigga you was tryna steal Sauce, you super sad
And your bitch stiffer than you, she'll whoop your ass
Don't piss off Serena before she turn you to Tina
And don't forget Drake, you know how this really goes
When you was in Houston, I pulled up at Del Frisco's
With them shooters with me and y'all was real nervous
I came to the dinner table, real urgent
That whole weekend, I had you around the city sneaking
You missed about three shows that weekend

And now you done started some bullshit
I tried to let 'em make it
But this Flavor is dripped
Naw, you can't take it
This ain't about how rich we is
This how much of a bitch you is
See you been stealing Houston and H Town culture
You been being a culture vulture
But now you wanna take it as far as drip
Ahh, naw
But now, it's on
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