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Brazy Crazy Lyrics

Sauce Walka – Brazy Crazy Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sauce Walka]
My dog cost more than your car, nigga
Ain't nothing worth more than 30K up in your garage, nigga
I asked the backstreets, they say you fraud, nigga
This nigga got Pikachu pockets, he just a card, nigga
What's in your wallet, I ain't have time for college
I graduated straight to the pen to receive knowledge
Not that it what I wanted, but fuck it, I had to own it
It made me realise that myself was my main opponent
A lot of niggas died in my city, I send condolence
But how could there be peace when people hate to see you glowing?
It's great to see they show it, when the bitches get to popping up
When they emotions get to rising cause the lights keep on raising up (Raising up, raising up)
That shit brazy, how the 'gram hurt you
A nigga making cash and then let they 'gram work you
Not paying attention, that's 2 people in your fam heard you
They foretold diamonds, says my goals, they gave me mad virtues
Real talk (talk), bitches [?], this is our [?]
I could've worn a Versaces, but that's lil' talk
I still remember putting the biz down long way on Lil' Yop
Outside, couldn't believe the money this bitch was making outside
Mouth wide in amazement, all this money I'm making from the pavement
To think a ho would be the one to save me, that's brazy
This wedding cake I'm smoking got the booth feeling hazy
That booth five you smoking smell like Reggie from the '80s

[Verse 2: Maxo Kream]
Okay, now from the squad, 10 to 10 murder, block the streets that raised me
Use the box, then my bro got popped, I copped me a 380
Smoking pop, then start selling rocks, serving junkies daily
Ran from cops and toting Glocks, my mama thought we was just babies
My whole life I knew my pop, but nowadays that shit don't matter
Most my life he been on lock, so right now I feel like a bastard
Mama put me out the house, she ain't want dope around the family
I knew mama couldn't stand me, say I act just like my daddy
Lil' nigga without a father figure, made my own decisions
Role models was killers, drug dealers and the older niggas
Old man locked in the feds, we used to talk, I never listened
Instead I bust the head, outlining chalk and started crippin'
These new dudes got me confused, I'm like where the hell the gangstas went?
Instagram in 2's, like it's cool, then go to jail and snitch
Never chase a ho, 'cause I don't even chase my henny
Can't even trust my locs, 'cause a crip nigga killed Nipsey

[Outro: Maxo Kream and Sauce Walka]
Said I'm crazy, so don't start it
Handicap crippin', retarded
Ran that shit to where you stay

[?] 29's and the K, hey
And I'm brazy, I'm heartless
Pyrule pimpin' your shorty
Put the bitch down everyday ayy, you play with my drip, and you gon' get splashed with the spray, ayy
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