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Zag Like A Witch Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Zag Like A Witch Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
Neronic Cross up on my hand, I worship Pagan gods
I put my life on the line and then bet against the odds
Mobbin' like David Koresh and my harem bops
Flirty fishing, wishing to split the wig of a cop
I worship violence, I'm one of the tyrants you can't get to stop
Fuck with me, the last thing you hear will not be a pistol pop
I only fuck with esoteric methods
I could get your bitch to drop ass in the pentagram and pick it up
Lick it up, I got fertile knowledge you perceive as sin
I can help you open up your soul and let the demons in
[Dripped out savior] the only one you should be believin' in
Ski mask on my evil grin, I don't even know what the reason is
But I'm still zaggin', and I'm still saggin'
Got the deals on the pills, better take advantage
I'm a savage, harder than Cialis and I'm blastin'
In a mansion, leave you covered in maggots and wrapped in plastic
Dripped-out Jesus rolling cabbage, totin' automatics
Crust punk livin' in dystopia until I vanish
I reappear in the mirror, spitting at you enchantments
Rap game first edition, flowers in the attic
Manic panic, but when I die, it won't be temporary
Weed like Eastern Europeans, stinky and extra hairy
Chiefin' hay before I catch the ferry to the island
I'm in love with myself and that's the only reason I'm smilin'
Gangsta-walkin', buckin', choppin', jookin' like Ninja Gaiden
Across the flo' I'm glidin', po' a fo' to get enlightened
Murder you with your own oil burners fuckin' with Tina
I am a witch, but not the type that's portrayed by Sabrina

[Outro: Dylan Ross]
Zag like a witch, zag like a witch
Zag like a witch, zag like a witch
Zag like a witch, zag like a witch
Zag like a witch, zag like a witch
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