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Young Incubus Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Young Incubus Lyrics

I know just how much you hate how I am
But I can’t change (No oh oh oh)
No I won’t change (No oh oh oh)

[Verse 1]
Cuyahoga killer creeping out of a shallow grave
Bout to hunt you if I wanna see just how you taste
I’m coming up out of the forest with demons trapped in my face
I tie you down with weights and push you into crystal lake
Sociopathic, Medicated when responsible
I will go out of my way to make what I want possible
Low income as fuck
Never had shit, never did shit, won’t be shit
So when you see me sacrifice a pig, you didn’t see shit
When I die bury me in Egypt, above the ground while I’m still alive so I can see the vultures feasting
Feasting heavily check, check out my melody
Many remedies and cellophane and liquid LSD
I’ve seen a lot of people die from greed and jealousy
All I wanna do is take your skull and lay it next to me
I know the secrets of the world to get pleasure like ecstasy
The Incubus, must I bust to keep getting that currency

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