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Landlocked Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Landlocked Lyrics

-Hey I was gonna talk here
But, I got to thinking that
I only think you should talk unless you have something to say
And, the only thing I really have to say is
What I'm about to say
Ya know, in the meantime ya know before I start this verse
I'm in love with you
But its like the creepy love ya know that sneaky love

[Verse 1]
I've been slithering each and everyway
Trying to follow your scent ever since you went away
Picked up my pen today
Wanted to write you a letter but couldn't think of anything better than this to say
So what I'm saying is I learned to never fall prey
To beautiful literate girls staying states away
I hate to say that you're still a perfect ten in everyway
But I'd rather be burning bridges and haste the day
Ooh sorta kinda fell in love with this new sorta celestial Jew dork New Yorker
First sight had my guts all tangled right
If it wasn't for that smile it was that angel-bite
But your an angel right
I think I passed it up when all I wanted was bodies mashing up on these lonely nights
With a cold day following rhythm
Is my sleepy hollow my old ways wallowing in it

You don't know the half
Cause you can't do the math
It's not my problem everytime you cry I have to laugh
You don't know the half but I see it crystal clear
I gotta come to you cause you weren't meant to be [?]

[Verse 2]]
I kept up with my old ways
Kept writing more
Trying to decide whether she's worth fighting for
The other one is redundant friend
I see now that I can only have one in the end
Decision making is pretentious when it comes to love
And who I wanna wake up next to when the sun comes up
Knowledge is beauty
Beauty is power
Powers a drug
I'm overpowered twice the rate of what I wish I was
And all I wished to have is you, Jew
I'm in love with the way that you move to me
The way that you speak gets my knees weak
I wanna get you in my sheets maybe this week
Maybe next week every moment I can
Before my hourglass bottom
Gets to withstand
Maybe I'm just a man
Overpowering you
With the sole purpose of only deflowering you

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