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Woodward Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Woodward Lyrics

[Verse 1]
From the truck to the Jeep
Dylan make em' bump bump bump with the beat
Can't fuck with the G
from the middle of the map Young Jake Jeckel all on me
Everytime I solve another problem another one fall on me
So all I see is the reason I keep oftenly counting my blessings cautiously
So off'ed I be
Going at a far Godlier Than God like speed
My weed is all I need but I got this hunger up in me
Subsiding til' the tidal wave carry me off to sea
Steady looking back at the world like a daydream
Fuck em' all cause I been on my thing
I got it, You want it
The difference between you and me is you pay a fee and I got my choice of any anatomics
I swear to God most of em' are half robotic
But I won't let it stop me from not losing my deposit on Cherry 2000
Full-throttle, test model
Jiggle Jiggle, Waddle Waddle
Gettin' jiggy with a remy bottle
Spit Mack game like a damn semi-auto
Casanova, til' tomorrow
pin the neck down, rip the torso
Fill you up and fill you with sorrow
I cast a long lasting shadow more so

Dylan, Say "Oh Baby, do it better than the last one did" [x4]
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