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Inventive Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Inventive Lyrics

Yo, this is some uh riding down the PCH type shit
With a couple ounces with your homies type shit
You know what I'm saying
Um, so just kick back man, swerve off the road
Listen to this shit

(Tell me why)
I am inventive
You could be if you had the incentive [x4]

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
Volunteers we numero one
Shine like a Twilight vampire in the sun
Want more for the kid that's amazing
I grow more ego everytime I make a hit
Get on board the inventive mother ship
I make beats and also a bunch of other shits
Glass bottles and bicycles and coffee cans
I make a grand making a track of clapping my hands
Pay me in advance but what the fuck do you do boo boo
Your raps sound like doo doo
Highly likely to fuck your psyche
Not black like Spike Lee
I'm white like Mike D
Your whole crew rolling with the same disposition
So I put your CD in the toilet when I shit in
Take a piss in
Let it all simmer and mix in
That's what you sound like when you rap so I don't listen


Take a trip [x4]

[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
It's 12 midnight so what you wanna do hottie
I make music with the [?]
I make music with any noise I find
I'm likely to write over any toys I find
And I do it at the flip of a switch
And if you flippin' the switch
I'm flippin' the script and sticking dick to your bitch
Nah, I'm just fucking around I respect her
But I did it when you went outta town mister
And I know since I said some shit
When its time to make a move you a play it like a bitch
So you can try to hit me a split
Jealous cause I make music diffy-erent
You pitching a tent
I got heat in my house
And a fridge full of food bitch you eating a mouse
But I stay in the gutter
Inventive mother-
Freaking out I'm making history you motherfuckers

[Hook] [x2]
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Songwriters: Eric Clapton
Inventive lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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