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The Rubenesque Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – The Rubenesque Lyrics

Stumbling somewhere between a want and a need
I don’t know what it feels like
It’s all that I need
Tied down by nothing
I’m awfully free
I’m not over ink at all
But I just gotta be me
Gotta be free with lethally get in the inner cavern
But dylan doesn’t get down with the bitter banter
Because it puts a bit of a damper on the fact that I got better standards
Then whatever it is that you can’t manage
You got that high pollutant fly figure
Probably caused a lot of breakups
I figure
Tried to play it off classy as a high tea type sipper
The list guy that comes to mind quicker
I’ll hook you up with a nice sliver of this cake
That’ll make you quake and your spine shiver
I deliver
You and me could probably be a divine mixture
Going sour fast
Just to angst kids in a sour patch
I’ll sleep in your bed first and get your flowers last
Damn girl
Shake like an hour glass
And if you were wondering
I don’t take showers fast
I’ll raise your water bill the hell up
I’m hella open to letting something with you develop
It’s all on you
It falls on you
Right on me
Crawl on you
All on me
All on you
So what you wan’ do
I’m a slip trip fool around and fall on through
I’m about to
My way into your trust
I must bust what I’m out to do
Can I chime in rhyming when a pageant or holiday in Rhode Island
Or whatever to get you smiling
I’m trying to get you to my environment
From one end of time a requirement to show I am it
And I admit my addiction to nurture nature is the reason
I gotta hit you with this verse to flavor
Wrapped in a discreet verse in a person favor
Ready your body for the picture I’m bout to paint ya
Shut your eyes and focus on the art of max
Start by putting your legs together and arch your back
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