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Nymphet Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Nymphet Lyrics

Go on desert me babe
You know I would wait for you
Go on and hurt me babe
I would take the pain for you [x2]

[Verse 1]
I got some fresh Thai dinner in a take out box
I'ma get then we head to the make-out spot
And my make out plot is letting you
Feel every inch of vibration inside of the message I'm sending you
And my message is true
I wanna get you naked in the Jacuzzi
Possibly after were back from the movies
Mind elevation and when were facing its like our souls have a conversation
Amongst themselves
I'ma rock you fuck rocking them bells
I'ma keep you in the zone alone unplug the phone
So we can get it witchcraft style
Rocking them spells
I have to tell you
I was in love with one look
But I don't want breakfast in bed cause you burn everything you cook


[Verse 2]
You tryna make my tongue dance on you
My pet peeve is the pants on you
So when I'm hornier, kick em' off in the corner
And snuggle up right next to me where its warmer
I'ma get you hotter than a bonya
Whenever I'm on ya
Just to get you offa'
And then it's probably death stun ya
So beautiful the mood lighting is proper
Prop ya on top of the four mike it counter
Feeling like I just can't live life without ya
From the first to the last frame
Even if I never knew how to pronounce last name
Still, I think this could be fun
So stick around girl
I think this could be love
And if it's not then it's all good
But we coulda' had something all good but you had to go and make it all bad

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