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Ominous Tones Of Dread Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Ominous Tones Of Dread Lyrics

-What we really need to do is create a powerful sense of dread

- More dread

[Verse 1]
Brothers and sisters can you feel the way I feel
It’s only the strong who will survive
And it’s only the strong who keep it real
The realist one you’ll kill with love until the madness stop
It’s much better than waiting for a handout from your God
Kicking doom down
I been doing all that
Track you with my drums next
Then you’ll fade to all black
Seek and you may find it if you wanna know where Rozz at
I bring you to the dark side and never let you cross back
Back to the crossroads that I got lost at
Maybe deal with someone but can’t remember who was that
Steady smoking bud sacks
Resinated to the point that even having thoughts about me gets you high on contact

I’m going going going going going out of my head
I never wanna be without you I’d rather be dead [x2]
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