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Pea Brain Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Pea Brain Lyrics

This is more than work
This is Dylan work
Dylan working, always doing shit like Laura Dern
Hit up Laura with the flora, "Baby, whatchu dern?
Come on, is it cleared up or not?"
I'm a juggernaut with the sperm
Dylans happy little wiggle worm
But I put you under anesthesia and I get your stupid ass fitted for dentures if it burn
I treat you and your girlfriends like Vanity 6, you'll get yo turn
You talk a lot of haughty taughty dumb bitch shit, but you always hit me first
Bitches ain't shit, so I tell my main bitch "Hit the track and don't come back until you get yo brain fixed"
Then I decided it's time to hit up all of my side bitches and tell em all the same thing "I hate you. Die. It's time to find where the highest bridge is"
Still with the Ballys like G-Force, I got the Talkabout, the flippy pager
Bitch I'm major, chopping up pimpin with a razor
When I was a little boy my favorite comicbook was Razor
Now I'm not a little boy anymore, so what's the fuckin flavor?
Took a daytrip to Vancouver to kidnap the Soskas, then I made 'em fuck each other and do whatever I wanted when I taped it
Almost let em go, I had a momentary lapse of judgment even though I love em can not let em go and so I cut 'em
It's the toy breaker like Sid
You dealin with a literal autism-having psychopathic woman pimp
Fuck the drugs the drinkin, I just want to cause you anguish
Fuckin with Dylan is like the first thing that you should not play with
Heavy doses of hypnosis and mental manipulation
It's my kind of Spanish fly the medicine that I get away with
Call it what you want
You can call it life is what you make it
All my life is hatred, cause I don't even want to escape it

It's all about the mind, but you're too stupid to check the signs
If Wayne can do it I can do it, and Wayne is blind
So I won't ask your pea brain havin ass a second time
Where's my motherfuckin money you know is mine you piece of swine?
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