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Don't You Feel Scared Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Don't You Feel Scared Lyrics

Don't you feel scared?
Don't you feel scared?
Don't you feel scared?
Don't you feel scared?

[Verse 1]
I think about you on many occasions and how I would've worshipped the symmetry of your features as an ancient
And how I would've worshipped you child-bearing hips as a Pagan, and be convinced in every way you were Mother Nature
I might even be now
I'm shooting the gift and hoping your receiving them how I want you to, so remain open
Open to nothing but complex emotion, open to sharing a task if the oxen are both equally yoked in
Attack me unprovoked, I'm lovesick and choked up, "'Sup yo? You are even more beautiful up close
You're more beautiful than I pictured
You're more beautiful than I remembered and all I ever want to do is kiss you"
Right now, I don't even know what I feel like, real nice, real naive, but I can make you feel right
Aura glowing like sunlight, open the blinds, open your heart up if you have an opening for mine


[Verse 2]
I want a woman who looks better in bad lighting
I want a woman with my grandmother's handwriting
I want a woman who's damn exciting and literate
And knows how to show me what she wants, but just a little bit
I want a woman to teach me important things
Like no matter how hard I try, I'm not Isadora Wing
I want a woman who can sing beautifully and boisterous
Cause I'm tired of little girls with Joni Mitchell voices
Infatuation helped me face the subject
That I feel like I'm writing one over again with greater subtext
And I can't wait to kiss your face in public
And meet the arrival of your beauty with the edification of it
I'm searching for another way just to say that I love it
And I don't really care what you think at all, save me your judgement
I got flame like a Bunsen
I'm trying to put that fire underneath you to get you over here with haste and abundance

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