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Bridal Gauze Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Bridal Gauze Lyrics

The groomsmen of Mary Magdalene
Zag the bride of Rozz
I wrap you up in bridal gauze and give the right to Rozz
I keep it moving boomin' but I ain't the type to floss
I stay so damn lowkey bout shit I'm guarded like a tiled lodge
Operation transformation
Free and ancient obbligato
Runnin' through your hood just like a shot of savage wild card
I'm higher off of power than the endo-nesia Ima spark at night when darkness shrouds the arts and secrecy and hides the parts
And points a tone and blast some light on evil if it try to start
I shall endure with balance as I carry burden like a boss
The higher arc that keep you stressing
Lost inside your own head guessing
Got the answer so you think but still don't understand the question
Rest and replenish
Relief of brethren distressing
My obligation the station
My allegorical lesson
Leaving behind blind aggression
As I see my fate for what it is it points a resurrection
I examine war and famine
Bear it as a poor apprentice
I got problems, many problems many more than 47
Deeply delving the direction of another different section with the sacred brush of death I paint the canopy of heaven
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