Take my jacket cus I see that you’re cold
It’s okay girl cus you’re so beautiful
You don’t have to worry about me tonight
Have a seat girl, let me pull out your chair
Did I mention I’m loving your hair
You’re so sad, I can see it in your eyes tonight

But let me know
When you get excited cus I know
Baby it’s your night
And when we go
We gon do it all night, tonight
We don’t need no sunlight
Tonight we’ll make it rain
I’ll make you glad you came
And we can make it last all night (all night)

Who are we kidding baby
Said who are we kidding baby, let’s get out of here
Let’s go. Who are we kidding
Girl lets go
I don’t know what we’re doin here
What are we doin inside this restaurant
We know, we know, we know we want more
We both know we want more
I know you feel it too
Who are we kiddin
Lets go, to my room, now.
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Tonight Lyrics

Rob Write – Tonight Lyrics