Can I be your super hero
Cus I got super human strength
I’ll do what it takes to get to you
You are the victim in the sheets
I know the scene
I read your mind
I know your spots, I’m suppose to please
I just wanna take you home and save your life

You know that I can see your signal
Beamin in the dark night sky
I’m on my way to come find you
And save your life

Let me show you what my hands can do
Have you levitating out your shoes
Have your body fienin wantin more and more
Now I got you hypnotized and your body feelin right
And we never even had to move
You’d think we’re flying through the roof
Makin love up on the moon
But we never even left the room


Superman ain’t got nothing on me
I'll show you the only thing a super hero needs
I can tell by the way that you’re callin baby
Can no other hero set you free
Like me

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Super Hero Lyrics

Rob Write – Super Hero Lyrics