I don’t think you know it’s my intention to show respect
They playin my songs that I’m only talkin about sex
I don’t need to call you a ho, no
You should already know
But if it’s what you want then bet,
Ho gimme my check!

I don’t even know your name
Girl I met you on set
Imma play the game of roulette
If it pay my rent
Cus if it's gonna make me rich
Imma keep swingin for the fence
If you keep throwin out the pitch
Show me that money (x8)

Why are you treating me like I am some type of god
If you want it go get it, you just got to perfect your art
If you wanna play the game I play,
Instead of goin up on a Tuesday
You get that money till there aint no trees left
Just gimme my check


There’s nothing I won’t do
(I don’t really care right now)
Baby I do what I gotta do
(I don’t really care right now)
There’s nothing I wont do
(I don’t really care right now)
To make this money
If it's what you want, then bet
Ho gimme my check!

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Gimme My Check Lyrics

Rob Write – Gimme My Check Lyrics