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Mrs. Everything Lyrics

Rob Curly – Mrs. Everything Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rob Curly]
We on the same page
Love the way you think, we on the same wave
You know I got some buzz, but you ain't tryna use me
Looking like a killer girl, fuckin shoot me
Your ex man lookin like a fuckin goofy
I ain't hating, that's an observation
Baby, you know, I got obligations
Hit the rap game with some innovation
I can tell you put it down, I need a demonstration
Swear you got them eyes of intimidation
Really, fuck with you so I'm down to pace it
What's a prize if you never patient
Really ain't suprised that you got me waiting
Beauty and the brains, what a combination
Really love your drive, bitches be complacent
Said you need a Tesla and you got the payments
Spent a couple hours on the conversation
The way you turn me on with no penetration
Girl you made me realize all them bitches basic
You a 1 of 1, ain't no imitation
I don't get the vibe you need validation
Girl that's hella rare, that's an indication
I don't gotta fake it, that's an indication
You should be my queen, this the coronation

[Verse 2: Rob Curly]
Girl, you all mine
Tryna lock you down, make you full time
People come and go, I hope you stay for good
You the sunshine to my morning wood
Jokes, I hope you know
I'd love to see your feet in them open toes
I'd love to see your back in that backless dress
I'd love to see that mole when you lookin left
Gotta give my all 'til there's nothing left
Then give it all again, ain't nobody next
Ever since you been around, I been feeling blessed
Ever since you been around, I don't reminisce
Funny how in person, I be sayin less
When the beat hits, I got all the best, lines, for you
Hit my line when it's time for you
Anytime, I got time for you
Gotta be important if I rhyme for you
Hope you know I'd even pull the 9 for you
Bust a couple shots, take a shot on me
I been dodging cuffs like the cops on me
Funny how that change when you came around
Motherfuck the games, I don't play around
You should be around when I come around
Imma stick around, girl hold me down
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