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Paradise Lyrics

Rob Curly – Paradise Lyrics

[Intro: Morphed Rob Curly]
This... Is Paradise. Relax

[Verse 1: Rob Curly]
Walking, in a crooked line headed to success
Tryna let the bird fly, caged in my chest
Locked in with blunt smoke, and heartbreak and soul
Like I'm Santa at the front, tho, droppin' off coal
All I got left are photos in my phone
Missed calls from "Don't answer", missed calls from home
Same number, same phone, same misses wrong
Smoke with her father whose close with her mom
Now I'm stuck with wise words, life's movin' on
"Rob, you'll find a nice girl, wife her up and all!"
Lighten up your silver linings, lighten up
Probably not a Mike and Ike for every time I lost my pride
I'm not being funny when I'm telling you it's rap or die
Once you take a leap of fate then you really gotta fly
I feel alive, getting mine, losin', I was asinine
Workin' hard to pass the time, all the time (all the time)

[Hook: Rob Curly]
But where does the time go? (Where?)
I thought it was forever, but nothin' lasts forever, I'm here right now. (Right now, yeah)
I'm here right now(Right now)
I'm ready for whatever, whether bad or better
I'm here right now(Right now)
I'm here right now
Right. Now

[Verse 2: Rob Curly]
Restless energy, is the sin of me
One step feels like a thousand, like a millipede
Come up out your pockets, cause talk is cheap
And I don't got the appetite for petty beef
Let me speak, let me get a word, in
Tellin' me you'll turn around and leave 'em screaming "turn"
Then, curve your way up outta here, get out of here
Dibbled here and dabbled there
Hard to hide a bad affair
Never fear, dropped her like an empty beer
Cassie dear, fuck you very much, still would love to fuck
Thank you very much, smoked a blunt to forget you
Never will forget you, never had a heart
But that's never been an issue, cause words are
The be all, and end all, and women, addicted, to them like, the menthol
Some girls are mental
Some girls are simple
Some girls are permanent
Some girls are pencil...

[Bridge: Rob Curly]
But everybody's different (True)
And everybody got a little something to prove
And I ain't on a mission (Work)
But I ain't tryna waste another day like a fool

This... Is paradise. Relax

[Verse 3:Rob Curly]
Too, too, too much rapper traffic, stop
Not enough rappers gettin', guap
Charge into the game, homie's outta juice
Drownin' in the fame, and the flippin' views
I'm just tryna live good and live on
Conducting, a bandwagon, back off or get on
Bullshit is for the birds, fuck with them, get shit on
Run hard, dive in, knock on, the pylon
Touchdown for my team, iPhones and flatscreens
Worth more than life itself to those of us with nothin' else
Wishing, for wealth, paychecks on belts
Didn't stop for latex, now she need ya help
Boo-hoo, sad story, young dad, still boring
Been there, done that, seen hell, came back
Egad, true life, same shit, new type
Old hoes, new problems, same days, same nights

[Outtro: Rob Curly]
I'm here right now
(Right now)
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