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Honeymoon Lyrics

Rob Curly – Honeymoon Lyrics

(Love Jones)
You mind if l play something for you?
No, not at all

[Verse 1]
Can we, skip straight to the point
Can you, share your lips with me and a joint
I mean, why not baby we young and we dumb
We don't even need a reason
Let's just do it for fun
Would you, do it for love
Would you, do it for me
I mean, I think we'll get there one day
Do you agree?
I mean, if it wasn't for you who would I be
I mean, I think it's you (uh huh)
I think I need
Woah, 90's R&B type love (need dat)
I know you feel it too
Hope you feel me, love

[Verse 2]
Ridin' round the city with my windows up
Laughin', jokin', smokin'
Something potent with my Mrs. Everything
Blowin' wedding rings
Everything is all good
Everything is everything yeah

They say like a love at first sight can't be true, but it totally is and totally was in my case

[Verse 3]
Man, I loved you when I'd seen you
Like I was only one up in the venue
Like you was puttin' on the fuckin' show of a lifetime
And everything was scripted
Like a scene off of Lifetime
Like what I need time for?
When you make it stand still
And you change your whole sound
But girl I'm your fan still
Girl, you know looks kill
You goofy, I love it when you goofy
I love the fact that you can balance that with being boujee
Put me on to new things
And show me how to eat good
Used to be a good thing
Everything was all good
Yeah, that was love at first sight
Crazy how that flame died as quick as it light
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