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Eleven 11:/11 Lyrics

Rob Curly – Eleven 11:/11 Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rob Curly]
She don't know why that she love me, she say she attached
Hanging right up in my face and calling me back when I don't call her back
Asking me questions like I'm gonna crack
Passive aggressive whenever we chat
I got the message that she was a blessing the second she said that she not coming back
Memories flash, sharing a blunt and a bath, listen and loving her laugh
She say "I hate you" and I get offended, but I always wondered if she ever meant it
I wanna tell her that I could be different but then Ima wonder if I even meant it
Maybe I'll mention that I'll do the dishes and maybe she'll mention that she miss me too
I got the green but they comes with the blues
Smoking the green to get rid of the blues
Making me choose, lately you making me choose between music and being with you
I got the anger and I got the yelling and I got the stories from being with you, true
I think I made a mistake
I think we actually would have been great
We probably never would ever have parted
I think I'm probably fucking with fate
Give me a break
I did the best that I could with the hardest decision to make
I could be faithful and give up my vision or I could be single and I could be great, great, great

Alright, alright
Alright, alright
Alright, alright

[Verse 2: Rob Curly]
Pussy is pussy my nigga, it comes and it goes
So focus on getting some money and stop being thirsty and chasing the hoes
She on the pole but she don't even vote
Damn it I'm good like I'm really the pope
Give me the dope like I asked you to roll and you hand me myself
Man I know how it goes
Stereotypical women are difficult
Throwing subliminals at every interval
Making demands that are hardly amenable
That's what you deal with when she is a centerfold
I got the mixer and I got the chemicals
Tryna make chemistry using my syllables
I'm unavailable, heart unavailable
Maybe I'm single and maybe I'm hatable
She say she hate me but love when I rhyme
Ask me to stay but I don't got the time
She was devine, shorty was outta her mind
Calling and texing my line
24/7 11:/11
I wish that she'd just have a talk with a reverend

[Bridge: Rob Curly]
I wish I wish
Money ain't right
I wish I wish
I wish I wish
Money ain't right but everything's alright
I'm doing alright
We doing alright
You doing alright
But we wanna do better
I wish I wish
I wish I wish
I wish I wish
I wish I wish
This... is paradise. Relax
And there she goes
Moving on with Mr. Wrong
Guess I really need Myspace
Guess I should have stuck with Tom
Slippers on, camos on, yes I got my sleeveless on
Wear my heart up on my sleeve
Guess my heart is not involved
Mystery, not solved
Why she left and never called
Trip on love but never fall
I never fall
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