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Limousine Lyrics

Ro Ransom – Limousine Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I just do this shit for my set, Man, I put on for my team
Cause we put on for this life style, And they put on for my dream
I got a new chick, my new chick, She too thick, she too cold
Don't try it at home, you'll look stupid, I do this, I'm too throwed
My verses is monster, my flow is unholy
People stopping and looking, say what's up if you know me
I been through it all, man, this shit is so deep
So I'm coming down, your new shit is so weak
Nothing is absolute, baby, everything is relative
Everything I say Chuch, welcome to the fellowship
I got time to kill, buy some clothes for the hell of it
You would've got away, but we ain't the kids to meddle with
Man I'm on that Death Note, That Darker Than Black, you best know
That Ghost Hunt, that Kiba, sicker than a nigga with strep throat
Your girl want Fooly Cooly, dog, I'm fresher than some Altoids
Saying that you best watch how you Bebop with them Cowboys

Man, I'mma live by my word 'till I'm gone
They ain't ready for that new shit I'm on
But you won't ever see me riding in a Limousine
You won't ever see me riding in a Limousine
We about it, Black on Black
You might never see some young ones do it like that
But you won't ever see me riding in a Limousine
You won't ever see me riding in a Limousine

[Verse 2]
Execution of Excellence, New York is my Residence
Money in the bank, I need that capital, them presidents
I can't do it if it ain't cash insisted
I be in that Fashion District, My style is past consistent
Got a problem, we can set it. Man, I suggest you dead it
You rocking with the realest nigga, YouTube Code, Embed it
They don't ever pull my card, so I never give them credit
I just want them girls who played me to ultimately regret it
I've been gone for a while, Man, I took too long
But I cooked that new, let me put you on
I'm chilling in the city where the love's too gone
So I gotta' keep it trill, nigga fuck your songs
Cock back, you better stop that
Rapper X, Y, Z, I am not that
I'm the future, so nigga drop that
(Vocal DJ Sounds), drop that
I don't be around where all the cops at
Need them cocaina flows, man I got that
I'm the key to the game, where the locks at?
Turn the speakers up loud when we rock that
30,000 - If I ain't got it then my brothers do
I ain't even know it if it ain't about my fucking crew

[Hook x2]
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