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Leap Of Faith Lyrics

Ro Ransom – Leap Of Faith Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ro Ransom]
Ain't gotta say who the freshest is
Two girls with me like I'm Death the Kid
Too much game for you fool little niggas
I'll school you niggas, test or quiz
Ya'll too concerned with them masses
Coyote fur on my jacket
I figure if they gon' kill one of my niggas
Then shit I might as well have it
Yeah, no regrets
Who makin' real shit? We the last ones left
My words gon' carry long past one's death
Smart money's on me: cash or check
She know the boy's next up, she wanna roll with Yote
But I'm somewhere lost in time, these messy hoes don't know me
Homie, it's crazy when shit change
It make you appreciate whatever's left that stayed the same
I took a loss on that four finger ring
But the Giants won they fourth, so I guess it ain't a thing huh?

[Hook: Ro Ransom]
They sleepin' on me, I dream awake
No questions asked, believe in fate
Goin' 90, can't see the breaks
I'm going in, leap of faith
I'm going in, leap of faith
I'm going in, leap of faith

[Verse 2: Casey Veggies]
I'm insane gettin' brain, do that while I'm switchin' lanes
Aw man I'm goin' hard I use my fuckin' pimp hand
That young boy that grew up, then he blew up
To the youth, man, I'm a tutor, to that money I maneuver
Your chick kinda clueless never met no niggas like us
Her last dude was hatin' on me same time he was ridin' the bus
Ridin' around getting dough, man, my grind tunnel vison
I play them hoes some slow jams and after that I'm winnin'
I represent that westside, out in NY with my chest high
Playin' "Ready to Die" in Bedstuy
But I'm tryin' to live, let's do it big
So notorious for swaggin' hard, euphorious from countin' cake
On my knees just keep it comin'
Cop the Louis shoes for that leap of faith, Veggies


[Verse 3: Ro Ransom]
Pretty girl bet she knows the clique
It's that beat that makes you wanna touch your toes and dip
19 I feel grown as shit
Now I'm walkin' 'round the city like I own this shit
N-Y it's going down
It'll never be the same now that Ro's around
And this here how a real nigga supposed to sound
Try to get this cold, they either froze or drown
I'm sayin', I'm flexin', I'm shaded
Unless you're mistaken, address me the greatest
I'm changin' the artform
While y'all waiting, a star is born
Can y'all taste it? Clench your jaws on
Just face it, I'm raw dog
I'm livin', "Do you" that's what my brother say
That's life game and I wouldn't run another play
I know a Spanish girl and she go the other way
But she was dreamin' 'bout a Yote just the other day

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