Don't trade your legs for a pair of wings, on order and expect,
To fall in the air like a parachute, is all you might get
Don't get off your boat till your ship has arrived and standing quite perfect
Cause treading water and life preservers can also keep you wet.

You can have faith in all things to come
But where you stand is what you got
So until the big things have
Shown where they're from
You know those little things do mean a lot


So look in your heart,
Realize where your truth starts
And learn from your mistakes,
Cause there's no fool, like an old fool
Who can tell you once it's too late, it's too late

Did you think to rid of the litter you had,
It would bring you the bigger things
Approaching life as a game to gamble
With faith as a bet you'd win

You can't believe those that promise the world
It's no ones to give or take
They're not the souls that create "pennies from heaven"
Your palms await

That's no friend who strengthens by saying
Brother spread out thin, who fattens you
To feast on you and starves for a tasty sin

You're better off with a true enemy
Than a false friend, you can't pin
Whose satisfied by your biggest loss
Like the gain of the devil's grin

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Don't Trade Your Legs For A Pair Of Wings Lyrics

Pura Fé – Don't Trade Your Legs For A Pair Of Wings Lyrics