When your man has been hit by that old mid life crisis
Natures clock has struck his head, like a possum plays dead
He'll slip out the back door to joy ride and whore with the best
He'll compete with the devil and prove his dick is as big as his ass!
God help us, please tell us, what's a woman to do with all this mess?

Well woman after heartbreak and hard earned tears
While your man runs while, chained to his desperate disillusion, desires and fear
In this cruel darkness, heaven opens a door just for you
Wake up and recognize your power, it's time to move
This is the nature of Beauty and the Beast
Men like to War and women are the Peace

Time will pass and time will tell
After you've built your paradise, he may come out of his hell
Another love may come along to be the best
Maybe that ole love is the kind that can pass the test
Whatever, however it unfolds
You are the woman, you are the pot of gold!
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Ole Mid Life Crisis Lyrics

Pura Fé – Ole Mid Life Crisis Lyrics