Jaded by all the loves that I once had
Stripped of my spirit, I walk alone.
While picking up pieces of my heart,
I find something new.
Is it right to be so lost in love with you?

Who can you be that you're in my every dream?
Night's echo your voice through my soul.
Captured by thoughts not knowing how I can let you go.
Is it worth it in letting you know?

Follow Your Heart's Desire
Light up the sky on fire
Hold on tightly to your dreams
Not knowing when and where to go
Your heart will take you there
Not knowing what to expect
You hope for no despair

There's no regret if destiny says there's no use
I speak from a breeze to a strong wind
Your road has it's reason to be free
Like the seasons change
But there's no wrong in good loving now and then.

What does it take to make you see I believe in you
A man I can trust in my life
Where do you go when a woman calls out the need in you?
Where is the love that you hide?

Follow Your Heart's Desire
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Follow Your Heart’s Desire Lyrics

Pura Fé – Follow Your Heart’s Desire Lyrics