How does she sit still with a man that travels beyond her reality
When the only sense she knows is chaos and insanity
She keeps trying to create oever and over... Hoping one day she will find
The perfect innocence taken as a child

Little girl dreaming dancing wild
A place to hide a trashed body behind
Painting pretty pictures, shower love and kisses
Leave the nightmare man shamed by molesting hands
A place to hide, a place to fly

What happens to a girl that she becomes so disconnected
Forward crash dive manic depressive
When all her relations never last unfinished business
Try to get even try to fix the past
Speaking too much too big too fast, she wakes from her fall again
Off in a mad dish
Out in a world of her own, out on a limb
Alone in this fight, how's she ever gonna win?

Little Girl Dreaming...
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Little Girl Dreaming Lyrics

Pura Fé – Little Girl Dreaming Lyrics