Time to rekindle the ancestral memory
Water the roots that run far and deep
From the top of Alaska to the tip of Chile
Is the First Red Nations Indigenous Family Tree
One land foundation, under Canada, you. S., Mexico, border divides
With Brother Condor below and islands to our sides!

We didn't cross border, the border crossed us
"Big business" travels the world, Free Trade is unjust
Why can't we cross through Grammah's yard to make an honest buck
It's your illegal fence on Indian land grabbing, people trucking, drug bustin',
Choppers flyin' way up high, like piсatas in the sky, see how the money flies
We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us

Older than bogus "Clovis First," "Kenniwick Man," B-S "Bering Strait Theory"
No matter how much you cover, rewrite, uproot us like weeds
We are the land as far and wide as you can dig deep
Our buried knowledge that gave birth to the "new world" free
Has come full circle, creation, migration, and prophecy
Aztlan, Turtle Island, Condor and Eagle, we fly free


I only see my Aztec brothers float like eagles way up high
Throwing power tools as they dance wood beams in the sky
Building, climbing condo pyramids with their ancestors speed of light
Mohawk brothers, skywalkers build steel mountains in flight
One land under Canada, you. S. Mexico border divides
They travel as far as they build high and wide...

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Borders Lyrics

Pura Fé – Borders Lyrics