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Warning Shots Lyrics

Philsner – Warning Shots Lyrics

Feat. Siz

Intro[Philsner]: Sizie lira digi lira, what up Siz? Philsner DDI, Dai Deng Iso in this bitch, listen!

Hennessy in my cup, smoking weed I'm getting faded
A thick lady when I fuck, screaming like I'm overrated
Getting ready to go up, success on the door I'll make it
Niggas running out of luck, beats and mics and all I ate it

We getting drunk and High (X8)

Verse 1[Siz]: That's what we do, Uh

Money over the best pussy
My team grinding, my team pussing
My flow sicker that all of yall
Not a Chiefs fan but they can see that I ball

Uh, bitches be playing cat and mouse games
If only they knew my cred is on a different lane
I only invest in bitches who already get paid
Uh, who already get paid

Flow sicker than cancer, my bands make her dance better
She suck my dick you love her while I treat her like whatever
We getting drunk we faded, we making noise they hate it
Don't judge me I'm no court, watch me wrap like the twenty fourth nigga!

Uh, this is Warning Shots we going in like front doors
We born to win like porn stars we go hard
Feed me beats, feed me bars I'm on point like 5 stars
You dig me? Please say pause, no homo like Bruno Mars

Like Bruno Mars I'm so gone I'm so high like Lebrone
I'm so paid, I'm so laid did your girl early but she came late
She's in the studio the whole night, we smoking good that's alright
My nigga I be hitting that pussy longer than Oscar's trail


Verse 2[Philsner]:
I keep my standards high and these ladies down on their knees
Going crazy over beats in the studio with my nigga Siz/
It's a definite killer track if I'm in the song
Your raps aint gon last, like products made in Hong Kong I was born

Too different, too weird, too dope, to quit
I spit rhymes, I tweet lines that's so sweet
You would swear you had honey in yo ears so you switch
From your favorite rappers to me throwing away their discs

'Cos you know I got that flow
Making your girl crave my dick in her hole
She said she's a good girl before
Before she met me because she's feeling like a qualified hoe

Gettiing me laid, tonight you sleeping in bed you and your friends
Not lesser than 10, stupidly boss, you rappers are false
Old age blow job on yo balls, you gangsta on calls
I'm rapping you doing my chores and I'm matured
Philsner DDI breaking your jaws, no horror movie it was yo gal making the noise

I'm really burning mics, flows as acid
And I multiply like rice, water and tastic
This mic sounds wack as fuck when I pass it
My raps create a lyrical bridge you can't I pass it

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