Intro[Philsner]: Its that Soul For Sale shit, I got my lil cuz Tiga Maine. Its Philsner DDI!

Hook[Philsner]: Drop it to the floor 'cos you know we the best
I do it for my homies and the groupies on the net
Ooooh its Tiga Maine and Philsner you know we kill ya
So raise your hands high (X2)

Verse 1[Tiga Maine]:

Let's Go!
Twenty bucks on my pocket
Drop it to the floor nigga
You'll never be like me hommie
To me you like a pro skitter

I do it for my hommies and they know I really do
I'm a 187 I hope you all know
You better go
You better flow
You better know, like me
911 they found me with the 8 Ball


Verse 2[Tiga Maine]:
If you talking money I will go with you
If you talking shit, stay away from me
We chillin' in the studio with them dope dealers
If we die, bury us with the moola

Verse 3[Philsner]:
They aint gon' do shit, we got 9 clips with 9 bullets
All of yo hoes are full in my pool all og my phones are full of their nudes
I fuck 'em my all I never even for her name
They went crazy when they found my cousin was Tiga Maine/


Verse 4[Philsner]:
I go in, no relaxing, fire spitting, I'm killing
Hoes be twerking, they running
But I'm number 1 while I'm jogging, you false flagging?
You'll leave with a casket while you alive and still breathing

They better know my album coming soon
Your music only entertains children like a cartoons
That's why, ddi still I'm not high, I'm sober, over confident bend over after my compliments
Giving yall gifts, im king of the present

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Drop It To Floor Lyrics

Philsner – Drop It To Floor Lyrics