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Night Club Lyrics

Philsner – Night Club Lyrics

Intro[Philsner]: Get your bottles up, it's Philsner DDI. Let's party!

Get in the night club drinks are on me
Shots and siders everything for free
They want me to sing yeah they want me to sing
They want me to sing (X2)

It's my pay day I'm drunk, getting straight head in a truck
Hey, smooth legs she got, baked cake already know it's hot
I'm on that number spot, now be a smart brod
Open your mouth and be on your two knees like you praying to God

Suck it suck it suck it suck it suck it bitch
Suck it suck it suck it now let me come on your tits
Don't bite it, just hold it, now lick it
Don't cry yet, we just started we aint even finished

Don't tell me aint ready "[Pink Mc Twerq]: it's too big you gon hurt me"
Do you mean you prefer a smaller size?
"[PinkMcTwerq]: No but Philsner, you gonna me choke"
Don't worry I got everything under control Universal remote

Now bend over like a C
And let me hit it back like copral punishment and then we
Order anything you want I got the bill
Drive you crazy you would swear Mawande was behind the wheel/


Verse 2[Philsner]:

I'm getting turned on looking at you sitting
Thinking 'bout what would I die if I stopped sippin'
Every club closed no liquor that they be selling
Orgasms you be screaming and you louder than my sound system

Oh no you also feeling me
All sorts of photos you sending me
Getting drunk she's demanding more alcohol
I don't like being kicked around like soccer ball

This is last bottle after this we going
I've been looking at you and It got me thinking
I wanna be the reason of yo legs shaking
I didn't even call you but you already cumin'/

If it comes out but put it back in quick
Baby you suck it before it gets weak
You talked like a grown now yous a baby
I do it so good that you would wanna pay me
No dating, bitch!


Get in the night club, drinks on me
Shots and ciders, everything for free
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