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Summary (A Milli) Lyrics

Philsner – Summary (A Milli) Lyrics

Intro[Philsner]: ayt, le' go le' go Philsner DDI dawg

I kick a rapper with words vocabulary dangers
A faggot gets killed we laugh like it's hilarious
If he's from the west we put him in a dress
Not a body bag, we heartless toss him back in his turf

I'm from thee east, imagine a dimension with no ho
In these streets, niggas hustle more want girls than more doe
It's like, niggas purposely get infected thee disease
I defeat, your face with footprint of my smelly feet

Soul For Sale though
I wouldn't take orders from the highest level of the pyramid, no Not at all I'm a God when I pray I look straight into my reflection
Watch me get instant blessings

These lames accuse me, imagine they had a gun
You dare to shoot me? it'll never move me son
What I see daily, it's reality it's worse than the things you only see in a horror movie bitch!

I said it, bitch! Le' ho le' go le' go.
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