[Si Philli]

Listen, I be the herbaholic, specializing in hydrophonics

I'm saving the sickest niggas with my hydrophonic tonics (sound of throwing up)

Super like sonics, floating like the Spanish armada,

I'm ready to spit the kick about the missingmarijuana

It's getting harder, to acquire what I desire

Due to the politicians wanna stop me getting higher (oi!)

Causing the peoples minds with their propaganda scams

And claiming my marijuana's gonna make my life a sham

Because a cultivator, putting my seeds inside the propagator

Graduating my hydrophonics major

Studying marijuana to a scientific stage

And making it clear for people that's living with grief or rage

Alcohol causes kidney damage and liver sorosis (uh?)

Marijuana's beenknown with curing multiple Schlorosis (ok, I'm listening)

My diagnosis, is that it doesn't cause psychosis

Only some people suffer with a case of halitosis (urrrhhghuuur)

I know this, isn't what you've been taught by the media

It's time for you to listen to knowledge that I be feeding ya (shhh)

In '83 Ronald Reagan he turned to parakat

And started on spraying my holy herbs with some araquat (man)

They was planning on killing me for puffing herbs

Said that if I died then it was what that I deserved(he deserves that you know)

It's absurd, we can buy alcohol in any off license

Then walk around paralytic and cause violence (Oi!!! Ohoh!!)

Acting like tyrants, beating up on family members(ahh!)

Waking up in the morning and we can't even remember (yo, what happened)

Yo this is fact that I've written

Alcohol cause seventy-five percent of the violence there be in Britain

I'm spitting, lyrical fact to the Jack Straw

Telling him that it's wise that he legalize the draw (Bo!)

With metaphors and medical evidence

Showing him that marijuana be burning from the mansions to the tenements


A ganja smoker, herb cultivator, the world champion spliff maker

Build a ziggy so big I use a hundred and fifty-two packets of rizla paper

I sparked it up in the you. K you could smell the vapors in Jamaica

Slam-dunked a hole in my brain like Kobe Bryant playing for the Lakers

I process hydrophonic data, smoke sensamelia by the acre

It never affects my breathing my lungs are exercise like Mr. Motivator

Getting stoned on a rizla cone inside of a skyscraper

I'd rather be a herbaholic than an alcoholic narcotic class-a drug taker

Listen to my words, ganja is natural herb grown for the earth

It used to be associated with Rastafarians who praised Haile Selassie at the first

It's not only smoked by vegetarian Rastafarians

It's smoked by the Aries Taurus Gemini Cancers Leos Virgos, Sagittariuns

Librans Scorpions Capricorns Pisces and the Aquarians

Everyone in the Zodiac I'm sure they're not all black and Rastafarians

People have been smoking herb since the earth's first days

It grows on Solomon's grave

Even when Jesus was crucified you could see his eyes were glazed

[Si Philli]

Herb helps me concentrate meditate leaves my body and mind in a healthy state

Giving me brainwaves, helping my third eye to navigate

Ganja be loving me liking ganja I smoke at a high rate killing the pyrates

Herbaholic bionic chronic I smoke before I flip my mind state

I'm a freestyler, translate into all languages they're understanding this

Through the four corners of the earth I spread my word like an evangelist

The disappearing cannabis you can't handle this Mr. Nice smoke

Make you feel dizzy like someone suffering from vertigo on a tightrope

How the fuck you think that angels sound angelic reaching for the high notes?

Cos in the heaven they're getting high cos up in the sky is where I blow my smoke

Take a toke and get shocked like an electric volt two thousand megawatts

-- test this and I'll leave you breathless

I blaze purple haze from skunk trees, , any weeds from many countries

Smoke shit from the Amazon jungle, trees grown from the Outer Hebrides

I defy laws of gravity while flying to another galaxy

Smoking Martian weed it gave me hallucinogenic alien fantasies

I got turquoise weed from Pluto with yellow dots in it

So addictive anyone who smokes it swears blind that I put rocks in it

I got an aphrodisiac weed from Venus, sniffing a penis(Wooooh!)

Getting your girl to start to pirouette on your dick like ballerinas (baby!)

You all think radiation gave the X-men their super powers

But how can you really tell if they got it from smoking super skunk buds and flowers

Sample: Ahhh!! You like that weed I was smoking? Ahhh!! That weeds for me!!

- Weed that put the hump in the camels back

Ahhh!! Weed food

Put the boogie-woogie in your brain, drive you insane


Scratching: Yo now what you gonna do? Puff the Buddha bless

Sample: Hey man I've got some grass! (yeah!)

Oh my god, I aint got no papers (ahhhhhh)

Wait a minute I've got some papers! (yeah!)

Ahhh the stores closed, (ahhhhhh)

But I got a pipe! (yeah!)

But we aint got no matches (ahhhhh)

I've got some grass! (yeah!)

But I'm busted
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Herbaholics + Lyrics

Phi-Life Cypher – Herbaholics + Lyrics