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B.b.c. + Lyrics

Phi-Life Cypher – B.b.c. + Lyrics

[Verse 1: Life]
I smoke green ganja leaves and wear green army fatigues
Like the one us soldiers wear when they camouflage in trees
I store whack mcs like disease I cause infection
Launch lyric missiles in my enemy's direction
Check the strategy and my vocabulary cavalry
Killing savagely with Mortal Kombat moves of fatality
Danger, insanity, murderous battle thoughts
That even scare my own family
I'm capable of causing tragedy rapidly rising increasingly
I be shocking heads with brainwaves
That cause shock-waves and rappers death
But I never die cause I was born to live a life that's endless
And fuck who hates me cause I was also born friendless
Smash your glass jaw take out your teeth like a dentist
I'll bend your body out like Kuriaki did with Ken Swift
Attack mode relentless for seven days I can offend this
I class rappers and make their best sound like an apprentice
So who's really the baddest man on the planet?
If it's not Mike Tyson it be Life goddamn it
I ward heads to bed my style be crazy like legs
I pierce skin like ear rings with my razor sharp tongue flex
The lyrical godfathers spitting volcanic lava that will melt the Bahamas
While sounding sweet like the juice of guava
Where my dogs at, fuck the dogs I be the harbour shark
Operating off the dark cause I'm a bad bumbaclart

Cause we a bad bumbaclart, bumbaclart
Cause we a bad bumbaclart, bumbaclart
Cause we a bad bumbaclart, bumbaclart
Me telling them we a bad bumbaclart

[Si Philli]
I metamorphosize like butterflies out of a chrysalis
If verbalists be dropping wickedness so beg u listen this
I just keep on kickin this lyricists give the godly gift so I can kick the positive
(Negatives not the prerogative)
Painting mental pictures with ghetto scriptures while smoking herbal elixirs
Burning green mixtures in cone shape Rizlas
I scorch and cause blisters with dynamic tongue twisters
Bunsen Burn niggas with rapid fire skills that I deliver
See I'm the kind of dude that trains at high altitude
Eating healthy food to stay on top of my game like boxers do
Chaka-fu, I'm hardcore extremist
With lyrical genius talking in forbidden tongues
Amazing shit that has never been done previous
Tag teamers, wolveriners, night riders, A-teamers
Super heroes (life takes on all comers) including gondaleros
Spin a verse in first to make you know I reverse the hearse
Lyrically curse the worst with instantaneous outburst from birth
Revolve like planet Earth evolve like mankind on God's turf
Plus I think so deep my mind it quantum leaps like Captain Kirk
Turn a sane man berserk, make the devil pray in a church
On the frequency that blew up kilowatts and megahertz
My words hurt syllables cut back and scratch like the perverts
Even Canibus and Wu-Tang Clan wear Phi-Life Cypher T-shirts
I'm crossing weak words with artwork, inspired by Herc
24/7 365 I survive on my own words

Bumbaclart, Phi-life say we the bad bumbaclart, bumbaclart
Telling 'em we the bad bumbaclart, bumbaclart
Phi-life we are the bad bumbaclart, bumbaclart
Kofa telling 'em we the bad bumbaclart

Well well! Phi-life the badboy, 98. Big up the creators
Si philli and the Life, alongside the Dj Nappa
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