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A.b.c. * Lyrics

Phi-Life Cypher – A.b.c. * Lyrics

I'm advocating alphabetic assaults on a man's amazement
Absorbing any amount of attacks from any assailant
Assassinating adversaries amputating their arms
And astronomic amounts of amateurs up in my abattoir

I blast your brain with bazooka-type ballistics breaking bones
Beat you like Bruce lee with big bats or badboy black boy busting bushido
I battle battalions with a baseball bat beat their bumberarse
With the breathtaking bulletproof bubble burst in a block busting broadcast
Braveheart buffalo soldier with another bible basher burning like a blazing bonfire
I'll bludgeon and bodybag you

I make curiosity kill the cat then creep just like a cougar
Cripple your coalition with critical cool maneuvers
Crack your cranium with a crowbar
Captivating you with my coma
Causing a cataclysmic impact like a cobra

Dusk till dawn I deliver a deadly dose of dark dialect
Destroy ya like De La Hoya with dynamic dialogue that dissects
Disciplined disciple with dramatic dynamic displays
Desert storm and disrespect distress your dna
Download your disc drive decipher decode and demolish your data
Dazzle you with death defying deliveries
Too dark for Darth Vader

Evidently excellency engulfs my entire entity
Mcs evacuate when I make my entry
It's elementary I'm eradicating my enemies with ease
Exaggerating emotions with an overdose of Es

I'm the futuristic fist of fury fabulous freestyle fashion
Faster than a Ferrari F1 my faculties you couldn't fathom
My fiery ferocious force like forest fires flash floods and freak storms
Fantastic like the four I fortune tell and verbally freefall

I grind you down to a gradual granual when I be grafting
My graphical gamma grammar be leaving you niggers gasping
With more grip than a Goodyear when I shift gear with the gift here
Goodness gracious the greatest galactic rappers have stood here

I hypnotize a hypnotist giving a hologram hallucinations
Plus my heat seeking high explosive hip-hop causes hyper-ventilation

Intervening like intravenous injections inside your intestines
Interestin' like an inquest and leave you impressed then
I and I's instantaneous impulse is impalin' ya
Insert ya in my ism, ignite it and start inhalin' ya

From ju-jitsu to judo I put your jugular in jeopardy
Jab like Jones Junior to the jaw I make you jerk and jump like Jet Li

I'm killing the Ku Klux Klan round some ka kani khakis
Kung-fu kicking your kidneys and then I'm caning your car keys
Keep a kalashnikov in a karan inside my kitbag
Kidnapping and craning the kgb and make you kick back

Most laser guided literature it literally makes you lose limbs
Left in the land of the lasra larynx lapped down in my labyrinth
I leave a legendary legacy as a legitimate lyrical lyricist
I defy levitation laws my lateral thinking leaves you lyricless

My miraculous murder methods are madness I'm causing malice
With a mind of a million mathematicians I murder masses
Masquerading mayhem in your manor like Mafiosos
Maxing from Montreal to Manhattan like Motorola's

I'm nasty like Nas, Naughty by Nature, but never say never
Navigate at night I'm the narcotic nuclear nemesis making you nosedive

I obliterate my opponents with an ordeal of oral onslaughts
You're overwrought with an oratorical orgy when I'm on court
I'm in and out of the ordinary ordinance from my orifice
I'm out of order with orders to boot you out of your offices

I'm a paranormal paradox portraying pyrotechnic prophecy
Panoramic philosophies like pharaohs in pyramid properties
I paralyze a parasite with pen and paper perception
The power of a Porsche at performing phenomenal perfection

Don't query our quest or question my quadrophonics
I'm quicker than Audi Quattros with quality supersonics
Highly qualified quotes will leave ya hung drawn and quartered
And queens lyrically captured be catching the quarantine

I'm a rampant radical renegade who'll rapidly rupture your ribcage
Rip up your rastclart like a rabid rottweiler on the rampage
I reckon my rawriding riddims will give the risible rheumatism
Representing reality rhymes we need some righteous realism

Suffering suckatash I stash a smash and snatch a stash
I'm spitting science or sharpen decieving shaving your stash
Schizophrenic schematics we're static and cypher stuns
And super sporadic savages scavenge around my sermon

My triple tongue tied technique attain the turbulence of a typhoon
With torpedo trajectory I titanically testify on the tune
With a thunderous thesis I think with a thousand tortuous thoughts
With the tortion of a tornado I travel like a tomahawk
I make time warp when I talk like a telekinetic taskforce
Travelling in a time machine towards the twilight zone when I'm on tour

I'm an undefeated, unseeded lyrical ultra-sonical wheat kid
With the universal dispersal rehearsals don't mean I need it
I natural unilateral Phi-Life remain the uncatchable
With magical mindchart minds and limbs that are un-detachable

My vocal volcanic verses cause invisible vacuum vortex
My visceral vocabulary murders violently like Vietnam war vets
Venomous viper vigilante vapourising your vibe
Verbally I'll murder thee and then vocally vandalise

I walk from Wales to Washington D. C. On the warpath of an mc
We're surfing the world wide web and nobody is willing to --- we
We're causing the worst water works to the world's wackest of wordsworth
The wickedest wizard in time with rhymes tighter than Wandsworth

I went to the X Games with my ex-girl in an extra-large t-shirt
'Cause I'm an extremist known to play a xylophone with my penis

Rising like yeast this verbal beast is big just like a yeti
Yoga floating my boat and leave it tangled just like spaghetti
Yanking your ladies yashmak stabbing your back like Yitsak
Shaggy just like a yak when attacking you with my shitsack

From Zambia to Zanzibar this zany Zulu from Zen will
Cross the Zodiac when lyrics are zooming like a lens
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