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Crazy Balheads + Lyrics

Phi-Life Cypher – Crazy Balheads + Lyrics

Yeah Phi-Life Cypher, Millennium 2000 conquests
Attacking the iluminati, check it out

Were gonna chase them Crazy Balheads outa we town
Outa we town ah what we do
Chase them Crazy Balheads outa we town
Outa we town ah what we do

(Si Philly)
I got the kinda style that makes disabled people run round
I rap from sunrise to sunset that's when the suns down
My name be Life some people mistake me for Jesus Christ
Cause he was a light skinned in dreadlocks and sandals but I wear the Nikes
We've both been crucified because of our wisdom and our beliefs
From the system of Babylon triple six mark of the beast
Now Satan be the patron of hate war and devastation
His occupation is to turn the whole world into a gang of freemasons
Like revelation I reveal, how I feel about Lucifer's army
Those crack smoking blasphemers who munching on salami
Gulping down Sunny Delight there'll be another devil's angle
The Church of Satan receive 50% of the profits of proctor and gamble
Heavy metal music supporting Lucifer's level
Play their music backwards and your hear messages from the devil
Government and church scams the Pope who run the Vatican
Behind the people's backs be smoking crack plus he's a battyman
Vicars and pastors too, curb crawling to prostitutes
On Sundays they wear black suits claiming to preach the tune
That's why they're wearing dogcollars not godcollars
They're satanic scholars dishing red gold and green for devil colours

I'm dodging the black chop alias the sniper rights the sights
The secret societies they try to snatch me in the night
People that's in the 33rd degree levels diplomacy
Are planning on splitting my family like we were Jodeci
You know its me come to give a nigga the factors
The planets got a script and the populations exactors
I'm getting deep with you people Life just feel asleep
We telling the people that's minds are weak there future's looking bleak
They got a plan for women and man
Every boy and girl they bringing the new order to the world
Coming just like a thief inside the night they blind you with their light
They got you sipping sunny delight and thinking it be aight
Gonna shock ya we Procter and gamble information
To give the money to the Church of Satan
I'm not the patron lucifarians I be the rastafarian
Scaring them like a shark in an aquarium
I make you scream like you been in a Freddie dream
Cause I be in the team possessing anarchy heatedly
Them men in black trenchcoats they try to slit my throat
And fbi try to decipher signs in what I wrote
My nine lead to genetic telekinetic protecting me
From zealous medics with powerful anaesthetics
Strapping me in the operating bed to take a tumour out my head
Secretly slipping a digital microchip instead

Cause you can't stop reality from being real.. Real.. Real

Were gonna chase them Crazy Balheads outa we town
Outa we town ah what we do
Chase them Crazy Balheads outa we town
Outa we town ah what we do

Say we chase 'em down North and we chase them down south
If we see a balhead we lick them in their mouth

Scratching: Phi Life Cypher next up chasing the iluminati all about (yeah yeah)
Its time crisis we come with skills magical like Isis in any crisis
Terrorising pentagon what da you think?
Si Philly dj Nappa big up the creators (phi life phi life)
2000 flex (peace) We done yes we done
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