Bludgeoned, bleeding
Burning, screaming
Barely alive
Cattle feeding
Hardly eating
Waste of life

Forest sweeping
Slowly creeping
Look in their eyes
Bullets meeting flesh with teeth to rip out their insides

Is a shadow beyond me
Is what I will unleash

It's time, the fabric is coming apart

I am now one with pain
This focused mind must guide me through

Smoking village, torn and pillaged
Run for their lives
Killing women, shooting children
Must stay alive

I find one dead, gunshot in head
I look in his eyes.
With chewed off lips he smiles at me
I'm coming apart

Burns remind me I am here
Can't count the dead, can't count the years.
Into the ditches as darkness falls
I can smell them crawling through the pits of hell

Like the sun, the explosions sear the sky
Burning brightly, it's shrapnel tastes my flesh

I'm ripped apart
I have been ripped
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Memory Burn Lyrics

Paths Of Possession – Memory Burn Lyrics