Awoke from the earth
A vengeance from the silent ones
Rise to the malevolence in his eyes for the right
Burning a path
Marching towards an epitaph
It lays fires in the wake of the destruction and the art
The art

The art, bow to the arrogance

Flesh gears start to turn
And the nightmare begins anew for you
So pray to the emptiness in the gods for your life

The art, beg for the punishment
In the grind
Ground into nothingness

Forced into hell, can you
Show them where the empty gods lie

Weak are falling prey
Smell the burning of the innocents
Captured like some rats, they are screaming for their lives
And out from the gods
Comes the silent hand of nothingness
Doing nothing, saying nothing, wheres your faith now

Human ashes fall like rain
A curse for the empty gods, you are all a lie

Lost and alone in the emptiest kind of hell
Lost and alone you writhe
[Repeat verse 4 times]
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Where The Empty Gods Lie Lyrics

Paths Of Possession – Where The Empty Gods Lie Lyrics