I awaken through the fog of the dying.
Her face, it calls me home.
Through the doors, a strangers scent cuts the air.
I swear I'll find you, your blood, it stinks upon the wind.
Look to the sky, you will find no comfort there.
You are doomed and screaming for the end, you will

Suffer the faces fallen
To wounds that will not heal
Blackened ages rape the dawn.
Plead for you perishing.
I cannot let you end
Until you've learned the horror of these things

Lost god, in the ditches, of my hell.
Now he's here in the palm of my wrath.

Face first in maggots, dark purity spit upon the ground.
No one can hear, there is no savior near.
You're thrashing wildly on the ground, blood will

Choke all your throated moaning
As fingers reach your bones.
Deep inside, I kill for all the others.
Your blood will testify
This act, it is my right

Abide by the ancient law.

I found your god, he is here.
He's been crushed by my vengeful hand.
Staring down, I am punishment,
Blackened and burned

One of us, you are not.
Abide by the ancient law.
What's mine is mine
You shall not tamper with
Or you will fall.
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The Ancient Law Lyrics

Paths Of Possession – The Ancient Law Lyrics