Someplace in a dominant time,
We mend the break in the weak frontline.
Waist deep in knowledge that will save us.
Overrun by the yellow dogs.
Pray for salvation from napalm gods.
Bubbling skin always brings a smile to my face.

Fall back to the rear; the cowards arrive with numbers overwhelming.
They are swarming from beneath the ground.
I will let you pass

Somehow I make it through.
Pushing through
As I carve my miseries, reminders in my flesh
Pushing through.
Another glimpse of reality, another glimpse I must endure.
Pushing through
I find horrid visions when my life starts to fade
Pushing through
They all point to something, I cannot see quite yet.

All through this land, the signs, the end of man
It is approaching and until then... You'll pass.

When I cut my life drains away
An open gate to the end of days
Can it be that all these things will come?
I will call upon you
Everyday flatlines in grey
A dance with death... A gamble
Someday my eyes will never wake again
I will call upon you
I will let you pass
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Pushing Through The Pass Lyrics

Paths Of Possession – Pushing Through The Pass Lyrics