So we sat and we talked
Way into the night
Over glasses of wine
By the pale moonlight
About lovers and friends
Hot desert sands
The songs of our fathers
And rock and bands

But as I looked in his eyes
I saw not a smile
Like a sea with no waves
Mile upon mile
A tree without leaves
A clock without hands
You see me and my friend
We’ve been talking

Our friendship goes back
To an ealier time
Kids growing up
Trouble and strife
Now misty old mornings
Toast with our wives
Simpler problems steadier lives


With time on our hands
And with money to spend
Not counting the cost
Of time with a friend
Accepting the past
And with no time to lose
Now things that were real
Are just yesterdays news
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We've Been Talking Lyrics

Old Boy Network – We've Been Talking Lyrics