I met this girl when the surf was high
She’s a beauty and she can fly
Through the days and the changing tides
We shared many hours on the wind together

We ripped the tides all day long
The breakers roared and they were strong
The sound of the sea in our ears
Took away the fears we shared that day together

With the sand in our faces
And blowing on the breeze
We danced all night beneath the trees
Times were good and things were right
We swam in the sea late at night

The harbour lights shone up the place
Her smiling eyes and her warm embrace
We took the buggy out, across the sand
Just feeling great hand in hand together

Time went so fast beneath the stars
Spent many hours around the bars
She’ll be here on the midday plane
And I’ll be in her arms again forever
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Sand In Our Faces Lyrics

Old Boy Network – Sand In Our Faces Lyrics