Her long blonde hair came down to here shoulders
Her dress was high above he knee
She looked sixteen, maybe a little older
I knew she was the one for me

I walked upto her and said “excuse me”
May I please have the next dance
She looked at me with those big blue eyes
And said I think I might take a chance

Good looking woman, good looking woman
I asked her for the next dance
Good looking woman good looking woman
She said she might just take a chance

Now I have to say I’m not much of a dancer
And I know there are better looking men
But she blew me away when she said
I want an answer
When do I see you again

So when you meet that good looking woman
With long blonde hair and big blue eyes
Just remember. boy, that’s my woman
Yes that good looking woman is mine.
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Good Looking Woman Lyrics

Old Boy Network – Good Looking Woman Lyrics