Got a first class ticket
Now I’m heading west
Travellin’ back home
Where folks all know me best
Been away many years
Seeking out my roots again
And the people I knew
Way back then
Let the overnight sleeper
Take me through the night

My folks said, you’ll regret it
The moon and stars
Are but one
I thought the world
Was a greener place to find
I’ll soon be home
With the break of day
Leave my travelling days behind
Let the overnight sleeper
Take me through the night

Through the valleys
And the mountains too
And the many places that I knew
Left my friends
And the girl I love behind
Their advice was often right
I think of them through the night
I know my place
And I’ll find a peace of mind

Now I’ve made a lot of money
And I’ve spent it too
On so many things
I wished to do
And the girl back home
Who stood by me
I can see her smile and feel her touch
Her golden hair I can’t wait to see
Let the overnight sleeper
Me through the night
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Overnight Sleeper Lyrics

Old Boy Network – Overnight Sleeper Lyrics