Did you ever hear about hobo joe
Lied and cheated, to make some dough
Once was a jockey or so they say
But no one’s sure until this day

Met his wife a long time ago
On a crawler bound for mexico
A fortune teller to all who came
Played her fiddle on the train

They wed one day on a south bound train
But her life was sad and filled with pain
She lived fast and loose it’s said
But one cold night he found her dead

It was sad but strange and funny
She was stacked with loads of money
She’d been rich and famous too
And whole lotta’ friends from the well to do

Now hobo joe was a very rich man
Still hitched a ride around the land
Bought a car and a villa too
Still a gambling man through and through

Hobo joe, lived a long life
He spent the money from his loving wife
So place your bet on a horse named joe
You’ll become rich…you never know
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Hobo Joe Lyrics

Old Boy Network – Hobo Joe Lyrics