There’s a town down south that’s calling me
And a fiddle girl I know
And a bar where beer is cheap
And where people love to go
She’s been around for many years
And the signs are there to see
In the fading light she hides the scares
Of a life spent living free

She pulls them in both day and night
And the people come afar
To hear her sounds, and to see her
Playing in the bar.
She plays her fiddle fast and loud
As she’s done for many a year
The same old songs each time around
That’s what they’ve come to hear

They say she’s played with the best
But no one seems for sure
Her long blond hair now fading
They’re still coming back for more
I once spent sometime with her
Though many years ago
Well we’ve moved on the memories thin
With different ways to go

No one seems to know her well
She just appears each day
Making life the way she wants
Enough to pay her way
They say she’ll finish in the fall
And pack her bags and go
A mystery woman in our time
Someone you’ll never know.
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Down South Country Bar Lyrics

Old Boy Network – Down South Country Bar Lyrics