........ Old man Satan take 85... Rolling.
{and I'm proud of the brothers not beatin up their women & what-not.}
Old man Satan lives next to me,
Doesn't use the toilet when he takes a pee.
Sleeps outside on his bed
Jumpin out of windows with a spoon on his head
Shouts out old heavy metal tunes
Bald spots created when he smells the fumes.
Conjures up demons in his hall,
Sacrifies chickens with a 10lb maul.
Fires of hell in his swimming pool,
And painted on the roof is "devil rules!".
Eats lunch at 12: 00am.
He's bald on the top has hair on the sides his horns,
Stick out about 2 miles wide.
Its hot in the kitchen and even hotter in the den
And if you say jump he'll say "when".
666 carved on his face,
Likes velcro, he hates shoelace.
Fangs in his mouth smoke from his ears,
He goes crazy when he has 2 beers.-
Jumpin out of a hoola-hoop.
Got a joggin suit charded and black,
Calls everybody potato-jack.
Shoots angels out of the sky,
Pentagram glued over his eye.
Red pitch fork under his bed,
10 foot snakes crawl around his head.
Curses me like a rambalin' witch,
Hangs up in a ditch.
Worships himself with 4 teenage kids,
Always wearin make-up under the bridge.
(breakdown dogg).
© 1995 Dellfold Entertainment & ncs
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Old Man Satan (take 85) Lyrics

Nuts Can Surf – Old Man Satan (take 85) Lyrics